Very rich in living life community

We are a Canadian based company building a unique iconic statement of "luxury" trough our iron stamps and flags.

We really enjoy going out and exploring new places, for us to be able to travel and explore new cultures is the best reward of being alive.

We understand that every stamp represents a unique experience and their real value is not the price but the memories, our products are a direct sign of how lucky we are to be able to explore this amazing world. 

What we believe in:

  • We are conscious that our choices can impact the environment. 
  • We understand that small changes can have a great positive outcome for everyone. 
  • Together we explore and inspire each other in the search of our best version. 
  • We live by our moto: It's all abut the experience. 

Vancouver BC @javiernava06  English - Spanish
Toronto ON @krlangas9 English - Spanish
Montreal QC @ngmaximiliano French - Spanish
Calgary AB @mgeorman28 English Spanish